Boeing loses Brazilian defense contract to Saab over NSA spying

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US high-tech companies, already suffering in a fantasy economy propped up by Keynesian stimulus and undermined by outsourcing, international trade agreements and automation, are now really feeling the heat from the blowback of slow-creep Snowden revelations.  Nobody wants a backdoored Cisco router or Microsoft operating system.  It’s so bad that DARPA/NSA darlings like Google and Facebook are rebelling against their benefactors in protest, if only in a superficial theatrical motion to save face for full complicity in all of this.

Now, the lucrative “Lord of War” defense sector, specializing in selling weapons to tinpot dictators worldwide to oppress their populaces and squabble over precious resources at the behest of the bankster cabals, are getting a taste of NSA blowback.  Zerohedge reports that Brazil is canceling a 4 billion US$ contract for fighter jets and instead going with Swedish SAAB for their flying pointy sticks:

Brazil awarded a $4.5 billion contract to Saab AB on Wednesday to replace its aging fleet of fighter jets, a surprise coup for the Swedish company after news of U.S. spying on Brazilians helped derail Boeing’s chances for the deal.

Aside from the cost of the jets themselves, the agreement is expected to generate billions of additional dollars in future supply and service contracts.

The timing of the announcement, after more than a decade of off-and-on negotiations, appeared to catch the companies involved by surprise.

Until earlier this year, Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet had been considered the front runner. But revelations of spying by the U.S. National Security Agency in Brazil, including personal communication by Rousseff, led Brazil to believe it could not trust a U.S. company.

“The NSA problem ruined it for the Americans,” a Brazilian government source said on condition of anonymity.

A U.S. source close to the negotiations said that whatever intelligence the spying had delivered for the American government was unlikely to outweigh the commercial cost of the revelations.

“Was that worth 4 billion dollars?” the source asked.

“We are a peaceful country, but we won’t be defenseless,” Rousseff said on Wednesday at a lunch with senior officials from Brazil’s military, where she said the announcement was forthcoming. “A country the size of Brazil must always be ready to protect its citizens, patrimony and sovereignty.”

You all are surprised?  NSA, your retribution is just starting.  Thanks for destroying the last lynchpin of US voodoo economics, the backer of international petrodollars (AKA Federal Reserve Notes) known as the military-industrial complex.



The Rothschilds – creators of Israel, European central bankers

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The Rothschild family is a bit of an enigma, frequently the favorite target of “conspiracy theory” authors and investigators as the main or one of the main culprits in an agenda to dominate the world, control of it and its finances. Its aggressive banking tactics have reputedly kept many a European nation pitted at war against another or others while the Rothschilds quietly finance and profit from both sides:

The Rothschilds issued, sold and disseminated the bonds of kings and governments in European capitals, often investing the family’s own capital in them. Without the financial backing of the Rothschilds, kings found it difficult to go to war.

This, from a Haaretz (Israeli newspaper) article interviewing the world’s richest Rothschild progeny and French representative of this family of dubious importance to humanity, discloses the fact that a Rothschild began the nation of Israel. This was previously the type of thing written in texts that are considered anti-Semitic and wildly speculative.

We are becoming more and more important in the Israeli financial system, and our philanthropic activity in Israel is also growing. So we decided to open ourselves a little bit more to the Israeli public, so we can be better known, if only because my great-grandfather started the country. We would not want people to forget that. Lately I have been gradually transferring to Ariane responsibility and handling of the family’s assets around the world and also in Israel. She is now in charge of the Caesarea Foundation.

From the horse’s mouth, as the saying goes. This makes the assertion that the Rothschild family guided and directed the construction of the new Israeli Supreme Court building, full of mysterious architectural geometries that stink of occult leanings, much more plausible.

The controllers of the world’s purse strings evidently don’t want the austerity measures that decades of Keynesian foreign policy have resulted in:

The economic environment then was very prosperous, whereas the current financial situation is not good, and I don’t think it will be good for the next 10 years.”

Perhaps he doesn’t realize that the people of the world are going to shake off the debt and death machine these people have perpetuated for centuries and become vibrantly free economically and politically.

The best scene from the movie The International, describing succinctly the Rothschild method:

$43 trillion lawsuit against banksters getting hushed?


The last week or so has been like drinking from a firehose with all the whistle blowing and scandal exposing going on. I picked up this blog post about a potential coverup of a lawsuit against banksters. Now, there are a lot of these stories going around and arguably many of them are disinformation designed to placate the anger against banksters so people will go back to the debt-and-death treadmill.

It’s undoubtedly intriguing reading. Time will tell.

Part of the Wall Street Journal version of this as quoted by :

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Spire Law Group, LLP’s national home owners’ lawsuit, pending in the venue where the “Banksters” control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) – known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the “Banksters” and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers – now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the “Banksters” located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.


Update 04 Nov 2012: I highly doubt that their maid would have just flipped out and killed both of her employer’s children in cold blood. Assuming this story has teeth, she would have to have some kind of motivation, like a threat or bribe/compensation. It doesn’t make sense that she would just flip out. She’s Dominican but has been a naturalized US citizen for 10 years according to this CNN article. I haven’t found the link yet between Kevin Krim, the CNBC VP of Digital Media (as in, namely, their website I would assume) whose kids these were, and the posting of this lawsuit but it is certainly very coincidental that several hours after it was posted, the Krim girls were murdered and then less than 48 hours after the initial posting of the article, CNBC takes it down off of their site.

Also of note is that the girls were found heavily stabbed to death in the bathtub and while CNN (not exactly the most accurate or trustworthy journalists) reported that police reported she was stabbing herself (not in the bathroom) when they showed up, there has to be a forensic link established between that knife and the girls. Otherwise, it could easily be a frame job. Imagine some private blackops guy swooping in to quickly stab the girls then terrify the nanny with the threat of killing her and her whole family if she doesn’t take the blame. That might have been enough insanity alone for her to start stabbing herself.

Think it’s far-fetched? Check out this scene from the movie “Michael Clayton” where they frame a murder as death from natural cause. 2 minutes, 19 seconds:

A lady on googtube, user “amommamust”, posted a video recording of her calling up the Spire Law Group and apparently confirmed that this lawsuit is for real:

Update 05 Nov 2012: Some notes blogger Silvanet took of some cursory investigation of the Spire Law Group, LLP. Silvanet appears to make the case that this article is part of an elaborate disinformation campaign by the GOP to make the “left” look silly. Silvanet is obviously biased towards the Democratic Party given numerous posts supporting them and numerous ones attacking Romney. Definitely makes some good points, though:

Now, the new representation of “the masses” sentence reads like a propaganda pitch. The article you link seems to blame it all on Obama. This is bullshit paid for by the super wealthy Republicans as a campaign strategy to smear and discredit Obama in the eyes of the stupid voters for the upcoming election.

Are any of you in New York? Do you live near Brooklyn? Take a little trip over to the U.S. federal courthouse and look up this case: 12-CV-04269-JBW-RML. The Clerk of the Court will be very helpful. See if there are any filings after the initial lawsuit (motions, orders, etc.). I’d be interested in any copies. I’m willing to bet this suit has been dismissed.

Now this is spinning out of control. People are connecting the killing of the children of a CNBC executive to the network’s reporting of Stein’s fraudulent lawsuit. See, for example, here. Do you possibly think that CNBC removed the story because somebody did just a little bit of background checking – unlike the Wall Street Journal? I could jump to the conclusion that WSJ has become a bullshit propaganda rag just like Rupert Murdoch’s FoxNotNews, but I’ll let time prove or disprove that.

Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty that can be said about the corrupt, racketeering Wall Street bank gangsters, but a 400 page lawsuit naming everybody including your grandmother and for FORTY THREE TRILLION dollars? Please.”

Update 07 Nov 2012: blogger Hans Mast sheds a broader light on this whole situation and so far his version makes the most sense. I still am suspicious of the possible link with the Krim kids murder, but it does look like the guy behind Spire Law firm is grifting his plaintiffs while pretending to care about foreclosure fraud.

(Mast is commenting on blogger sherriequestioningall’s post about this topic)

Hans MastTuesday, October 30, 2012 3:45:00 PM EDT

This blog post shows deep ignorance. All the major news orgs indiscriminately publish wire stories from AP, AFP, Reuters, and PR News Wire. The latter is not in the same category as the others: rather it’s a pay to play service that anyone can pay money to in order to have their *press release* published. (I’ve considered paying them for that very thing, in order to increase the ranking of my company’s website.) The screenshots from CNBC are of a PR News Wire press release. It is not a news story. It’s a press release authored by the lawyer that filed the case.

I must admit, I’ve used that tactic before: if I find an AP article that is pro-conservative, I’ll pick a phrase, Google it along with MSNBC to find the URL of where MSNBC published it. Then I post the link to MSNBC’s site because it gives it extra legitimacy if it looks like a far-left news org published a pro-right piece, even though it was the news wire, not the news org itself that wrote.

I think the author of this post is perhaps confusing CNBC and MSNBC. MSNBC is the far-left news org. CNBC is a business TV channel that is not very partisan.

In any case, if I were CNBC *or* Fox Business Network, I would pull that embarrassment of a press release from my website as soon as I became aware that it had been routinely posted off the wire. What an absurd piece! $43 trillion! Racketeering! No details of any wrong-doing, just fuzzy allegations. Classic, classic lawyer PR grab to try to pump up their own fame.

After doing some research, it appears that the lawyer that filed this lawsuit is quite the piece of work. He’s been defrauding innocent victims for quite a while, a real snake oil salesman. His MO is to do clever marketing to them to make them think that with the financial scandals that are happening (which are legit) that they might be owed money and not have to repay their mortgages after all. He gets them to pre-pay him a chunk of money for “expenses” which he uses to live large and then he either never files the suit or doesn’t pursue it with any seriousness.

To Be Continued…


In fact, he’s had such a history of doing this that:
1. His law license in his home state of California has been revoked.
2. He was raided by CA law enforcement and is being prosecuted for fraud related to this and similar cases.
3. He has just changed the name of his firm from “Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP” to “Spire Law Group”, presumably to avoid people Googling his history of scamming.

Here’re some substantiating links:

The press release on PR NewsWire/CNBC is so poorly written and contains no real allegation of wrongdoing (it only lists a bunch of impressive sounding laws that were supposedly violated) that I had to Google the pop term “Bankster” to figure out what the lawyer was trying to allege. I think he was trying to say that he was going to sue the banks because of the LIBOR fixing scandal. There are genuine news articles out there which talk about this scandal and describe it well, pulling no punches:

So yes, it’s a real scandal. But this press-release’ing lawyer is nothing but a scam artist preying on innocent victims. This is doubly disgusting because the people he’s targeting are already in financial straits. I hope he ends up in jail the way he deserves along with the LIBOR fixing bankers.

And then this blogpost goes on to try to tie it all to a deranged nanny who kills two kids?? What’s that supposed to imply? There’s no logic or facts given: only vague innuendo.

FBI sets up patsy against the Fed instead of arresting Corzine

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This is good news since it indicates some desperation on the part of the bankster financial terrorists and their armed stooges in the FBI. This is so obviously a setup. How does a 21-year old from Southwest Missouri State University put together a 1000-lb bomb on his own? Oh yeah, with the extensive help of the FBI.

The unfortunate thing about attorney Kurt Haskell whistle-blowing on the Underwear bomber is now they won’t be so obvious about these lone-wolf patsies.

One fortunate thing about most of the US populace being oblivious to the Federal Reserve is they’ll see this in the headlines and skim over it.

Meanwhile, real criminals like John Corzine continue to go free. Message from the US justice system: steal enough money and we’ll let you get away with it. Make sure we get a cut so we can train half-wits with Muslim names to build fake bombs and scare everyone into obedience to you.

Swiss trying to ban selling of their national gold

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zerohedge and pmbug contributor swissaustrian has been making people aware of Switzerland’s upcoming referendum to add “a constitutional initiative to ban gold sales by the Swiss central bank (SNB), to require the SNB to hold at least 20% of its assets in gold, and to store all Swiss gold in Switzerland.” This is a reaction, presumably, to the foolish, or perhaps nefarious depending on your perspective and sources, selling off of 1,300 tons of the Swiss peoples’ gold on to the world market during a major dip in all-time gold prices.

That’s a minimum of 60 billion US$ that the Swiss have lost on the upside. While the “right-wing” arguably racist anti-immigrant SVP party is behind the initiative, swissaustrian is more nuanced than that and despite being abhorred by most of the other policies and planks of the SVP, is supporting the measure and actively soliciting signatures for a petition for it. The Swiss having a direct democracy can quite easily vote this into place. This is also a good example of how partisan politics should be put aside for the issues themselves. Most US citizens balk at a measure when they find out it’s being pushed by their least favorite political party, which is very short-sighted.

This gold sale may sound familiar. There was one just like it, Gordon Brown dumping 395 tons of the UK’s national gold onto the world market in return for fiat currencies the US dollar, the Euro and the yen. In fact, that was done before the Swiss sales began. It’s almost as if this is part of some greater plan at global currency devaluation, or an attempt at wealth redistribution from wealthy countries.

The question is, did the gold really move from the UK and Swiss vaults or … ?

This is all so sketchy. And who knows if the some or all the gold has been doctored with tungsten?

On the bright side, if this does go through, it could restore some of the confidence that was lost in the Swiss banking system because of the 20% minimum requirement in gold – this means if fiat currencies go to 0 like they always have been and always will, then at least one can retain 20% of the value of their investment instead of 0.

Kyle Bass is back!

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He was dropping truth bombs all over the media then dipped off the radar. Well, zerohedge brings him back, and of course he’s straight-shooting, Texas-style.

On Fiscal Cliff: Won’t happen – politicians won’t fix anything.

On the CBO Budget crisis: As a non-partisan third-party ‘accountant’, “I can’t fix it!”

On Inflation: “It takes time – but it’s coming”

On Housing – he doesn’t believe housing will go up but has stabilized. “Everyone who ever thought of buying a house, has bought a house” and we need to flush the inventory – which will take a few years.

On Trading The End of the World: Use Convexity – which is grossly concentrated in Japan

Own anything that is nailed down – productive assets!

As zerohedger Stacker says, “Cant fix stupid”

If you’re not familiar with Kyle Bass, he does things like recommend the University of Texas to buy a billion dollars worth of gold. UT promptly did so. He also bought I think a million $ worth of nickels and stashed them in a Dallas vault knowing that the commodities prices for the metals they are composed of are worth more than the face value. Last I checked I think it was 6.3 cents per nickel. In enough volume, that’s a damn good trade.

He also has a badass ranch with 4-wheelers and automatic weapons, and isn’t afraid of telling Keynesians curtly that they are full of crap.

TF Metals Report analyzes Bernanke’s justifications

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Turd Ferguson goes over the Bernank’s speech today in Indianapolis and sheds some light on the bizarre logic being used to justify the Federal Reserve’s moves to destroy the US economy.

What a jackass. Why don’t you come down out of your ivory tower, Ben, and try running that line of shit past the little old lady in line at the bank, sadly renewing her latest CD at 1% and wondering how she’ll make ends meet next month. Do you think she’s going to buy some Master Limited Partnerships of preferred stocks in order to supplement her social security? Hell, no! She and millions of others are trying to scrape by on social security and their savings alone. They cannot, under any circumstances, afford to take risk but you, you self-serving and arrogant jerk, try to assuage them by telling them that your “strong economy” policies will help them find “higher asset values and sustainably good returns”. Disgusting.

Additionally, almost everyone, but particularly those on fixed income, are getting eaten alive by inflation. John Williams at ShadowStats estimates the real CPI to be somewhere near 10%. Never fear, though, The Bernank in his best Colonel Klink impression sees nothing…

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