Meme war: Google blacklists prisonplanet

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Googtube is butthurt about the Alex Jones channel posting the Apache civilian kill video clip that was leaked by Bradley Manning and censoring it:


Cryptogon says it succinctly re: the Mumbai attacks

Leave a comment’s laconic wit strikes again:

“See, this is why the U.S. needs to attack Pakistan… *wink* *wink* Get it?
Of course, it’s possible that this is some sort of organic insurgency. (Anything is possible, right?) I doubt it, though, because no critical economic infrastructure was hit. When the attackers start popping Internet and electrical infrastructure, shutting down the operations of transnational corporations, then the CIA and its clients might not be behind it.
I’ve read several accounts of what happened, and it’s just absurd, from a military perspective. If the coordinators of this outrage are not false flag CIA/ISI shills, they’re complete idiots.
As usual, ask yourself, who benefits from this?”

Update: Alex Jones has a mind-blowing interview today (09Dec2008) with former Pakistani ISI head Hamid Gul. Gul spills practically all the beans on CIA involvement in 9/11, Mumbai and other false-flag jobs.

Thanks… for all the wiretapping, spying, illegal wars

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No Thanksgiving is complete without a recitation of one of William S. Burroughs’ finest:

I might as well cough out my own updated take on this:

Thanks to the Maryland State Police for spying on antiwar activists as if they were terrorists, even after you determined they were harmless

Thanks to the DC Gang for leeching off the prosperity of the nation, for bankrupting our country and covering it up, and for listening to your corporate masters on Wall Street instead of the people who elected you

Thanks to the globalist bankers at the Federal Reserve who have illegally and unconstitutionally manipulated our once great country’s economy to their benefit and to the detriment of hard-working Americans

Thanks to Al-CIAda for assassinating one of the greatest leaders this country has ever known and for perpetuating the most heinous evils in the name of our country, such as drug distribution to our own people to finance your nefarious black operations and pitting Iran and Iraq against each other in collusion with non-American citizens

Thanks to Blackwater and Helliburton for circumventing our Constitution and creating enemies of the USA faster than we can kill them

Thanks to the Mossad for killing loyal Navy sailors on the USS Liberty, for dragging my country into endless conflicts against our will, and for that most recent false-flag operation you just pulled off in Mumbai

Thanks to the spineless, America-hating telecommunications companies who have us all by the genitals with their full complicity with NSA wiretapping, for locking us into draconian mobile phone contracts and nickel-and-diming us for an Internet that we as taxpayers paid for a large part of

Thanks to the DoD for bleeding what is left of our great nation for its war profiteering

You will all get what you deserve in due time.

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