“cyber” attack to be trotted out for a false-flag against Iran (or maybe China)?

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From an email I just got:

Announcing a Webinar/Teleconference on
Why “Cyber Pearl Harbor” Won’t Be Like Pearl Harbor At All…

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
2:00 to 3:30 p.m. ET
Exclusively avaialable via web or teleconference


Lawrence Husick, Senior Fellow, FPRI
Edward Turzanski, Templeton Fellow, FPRI

On October 12, 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
warned that the United States could face a “cyber Pearl
Harbor” as cyber actors launch simultaneous attacks on our
critical infrastructure, in combination with a physical
attack. Mr. Panetta’s warning was both embarrassingly late
and stunningly lacking in both reality and imagination.
Lawrence Husick, FPRI’s co-chair the Center for the Study of
Terrorism, and a patent attorney and self-described computer
hacker, will address the threat that faces the nation, and
why both public and private sector perceptions of the threat
and reactions to it give little hope that we will be able to
avert serious consequences of disruption and violence in the
cyber domain. Mr. Husick’s June 2011 briefing on this topic
was described by former National Security Advisor Robert
“Bud” McFarlane as, “the best I’ve heard from anyone
anywhere.” Join FPRI on October 24, 2012 at 2:00p EDT to
learn more about this critical issue in national security.

Edward Turzanski is Co-Chairman of FPRI’s Center for the
Study of Terrorism and he is FPRI’s first Templeton Fellow.
He has extensive experience in service to the US
intelligence community in the Middle East and Central Asia.
He regularly appears on air, offering commentary on CNN, CNN
Headline News, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and assorted
international media organizations. During the Bush (43)
Administration, he was a member of the U.S. Department of
Justice Anti-Terror Advisory Committee for Region III and
the Department of Homeland Security Port Security Committee
for the Port of Philadelphia.

To register for the free webinar/teleconference visit:

Listeners may submit questions online or via email.
Email your questions to questions@fpri.org.

For more information and updates visit:

or contact Harry Richlin at
(215) 732-3774, ext 102 or
Email: hr@fpri.org

mmkay. P.S. nobody but the government and its various “think” tanks uses “cyber” any more.


FBI sets up patsy against the Fed instead of arresting Corzine

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This is good news since it indicates some desperation on the part of the bankster financial terrorists and their armed stooges in the FBI. This is so obviously a setup. How does a 21-year old from Southwest Missouri State University put together a 1000-lb bomb on his own? Oh yeah, with the extensive help of the FBI.

The unfortunate thing about attorney Kurt Haskell whistle-blowing on the Underwear bomber is now they won’t be so obvious about these lone-wolf patsies.

One fortunate thing about most of the US populace being oblivious to the Federal Reserve is they’ll see this in the headlines and skim over it.

Meanwhile, real criminals like John Corzine continue to go free. Message from the US justice system: steal enough money and we’ll let you get away with it. Make sure we get a cut so we can train half-wits with Muslim names to build fake bombs and scare everyone into obedience to you.

AIPAC lobbyist Clawson on false flags

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I linked this one in a previous post that I was fortunately not right about and decided it needed a post of its own to remind anyone reading that these people are very determined to make this happen. They require constant vigilance, like a crib of emotionally disturbed and mentally retarded children do.

2007 invasion of Iran was narrowly thwarted!

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says Gordon Duff in this thought-provoking article about Gwyneth Todd, a Middle East advisor to the Navy, stopping a planned false-flag operation as a final hurrah for the Bush administration’s PNAC agenda to invade and occupy the entire Middle East.

Military command of this invasion, to be done without consultation of congress or the United Nations was left to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff and Admiral Will J. Fallon, both career opportunists with extremist political views, willing to do anything for promotion and the curry favor from the powerful criminal figures in US government.

Their “cover story” was to sale a frigate up the Shatt al Arab, a disputed waterway between Iraq and Iran, hoping to stimulate a “response” from Iran.

Their real plan was to create the response themselves, as was done by the Navy during the Tonkin Gulf Incident in 1964 when America “invented” an attack by North Vietnam as a prelude to a 10 year war America eventually lost.

Their plans were to create phony radio traffic simulating an Iranian attack in order to push America into authorizing hostilities that they, themselves, had perpetrated in as part of a conspiracy.

Sounds familiar…

There’s a Washington Post article referenced by the Duff one that goes into more detail and you have to stick with it until page 4 to really get the good stuff, which is why I guess Duff wrote this piece up. I love how it’s in the “Lifestyle” section which, from what I remember from reading the WaPo print version, is filled with restaurant reviews, contemporary art exhibitions and the like. Cowards.

Well, if this is all true, thank God for Gwenythe Todd and what she did. No wonder everyone was barking about the imminent invasion of Iran about that time. And have been since 2006, as far as I remember.

Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, let’s all put our differences aside just once and PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS.

Update: found 3 videos of recorded interviews:

TNT: The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

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Verify the info yourself. Hopefully Ahmadinejad’s chess game will keep NuttinYahoo in check.

FBI terrorist patsy arrested in Chicago

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Everyone’s favorite Zionist private intel firm Stratfor is reporting that an “aspiring jihadist” has been arrested in Chicago with an “inert bomb”.

Daoud had been the subject of a four-month FBI investigation and sting operation, during which undercover agents had been communicating with Daoud and recording his statements. Sting operations have become the tactic of choice for the FBI and other U.S. law enforcement organizations when investigating would-be jihadists. As U.S. law enforcement agencies perfect their sting operations to identify aspiring jihadists and prevent attacks, jihadists, too, can be expected to innovate and evolve alternate means of communication and vetting of those with whom they collaborate.

Uh huh. I bet he was incensed at that serious cinematic production that managed to light the whole Middle East on fire, too, right?

This coming from the same people who couldn’t even do basic information security on their own email servers. By the way, if you haven’t seen the entirety of the Stratfor email hacks, it’s quite revealing. Obviously I can’t post them here since I enjoy not being in prison but check cryptome.

Brian Lilley: The MSM is lying about the Muslim riots

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Ok so it’s a given the MSM is lying but Brian Lilley of Sun News reports that the real reason for the Benghazi attack is not the silly Youtube film everyone is flipping out over but in retaliation for the drone strike killing of Al-Qaeda leader Mohammed Hassan Kaed of Libya.

Lilley claims that due to Sun News’ affiliate relationship with CNN, he knows that they have the real footage and info, they’re just holding it back. Also of note is the assertion that because of this information, the US State Dept. definitely knew this was going to happen and had considerable advance knowledge.

The main thing I want to highlight is that this information is being withheld. Whether it’s also as bunk as the infamous “The Innocence of Muslims” video is not for this post. It’s important to get viewpoints from all sides, particularly outside of the grip of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

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