NY Times article talks about GOP dirty tricks against the Johnson campaign

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GOP operatives trying desperately to thwart the Johnson campaign?

Despite all these efforts, the Libertarian Party managed to out-hustle them and prove to a PA court that their petition signatures to get Johnson on the PA ballot were valid.

The Republican efforts to impede Mr. Johnson’s candidacy have drawn charges of spying and coercion from Libertarians and countercharges from Republicans that the party had resorted to fraud while accepting secret help from Democrats.

Democrats and Obama campaign officials deny any such involvement. But Mr. Johnson has been receiving critical help from Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative once so committed to his party that he has a tattoo of President Richard M. Nixon on his back.

A onetime Nixon and Reagan aide, he said he left his party this year out of frustration with its positions on social issues, spending and domestic surveillance. (Mr. Johnson supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights and opposes government surveillance.)

And Mr. Stone says he has become so frustrated with the party’s attempts to shut down Mr. Johnson, whom he says he is advising at no charge, that he vowed in an e-mail last month, “Republican blood will run in the streets b4 I am done.”


Gary Johnson polls – since the mainstream media is mum on GJ…

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This website is much needed. Of particular note is the highly significant increase from the 2008 election. I never agreed with the decision to have neocons Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root as LP candidates but I grudgingly voted anyway since they STILL would have been better than McBama.

Stockholm Syndrome

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redditor AnnArchist posted this choice graphic:

Yup. Googtube user TokenLibertarianGirl aka Julie Borovsky bought in to the “let’s stick with the GOP and write-in Ron Paul” nonsense shortly after the RNC. I promptly told her not to stay in abusive relationships and unsubscribed.

Some info on Stockholm Syndrome here.

Gary Johnson’s passionate speech at Duke


Gov Gary Johnson at Duke University from CineFilm Media on Vimeo.

Gary Johnson addresses red state/blue state zombie mob

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Gary Johnson and NH libertarians do a hilarious short skit depicting Demopublicans and Republicrats as zombies.

Gary Johnson Radio Ad: Be Libertarian With Me

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(hard link here if Soundcloud doesn’t render in your browser)

I’ve heard this one several times on 90.1FM here in Austin and I think it’s a great message.

WA state Libertarian Party to get Romney off of the ballot

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The Libertarian Party of Washington State is vying to get Romney off of the ballot there by arguing that the Republican Party no longer meets the definition of a qualified party.


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