Putting Afghanistan and Iran in to perspective

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tumblr user readyokgo posted this awesome summary of the origins of Islamic fanaticism in these 2 countries as a rebuttal to various pictures like the one below circulating over the Internet that imply an oversimplified view of this phenomenon. Posting this verbatim due to win.

He misses the international drug trade aspect of Afghanistan but that’s OK. This is more than what a majority of the populace understands, anyway.

Photos like this are being spread across the internet lately, and they are dangerous for a few reasons. If you’re too lazy to read below; basically ignorant Americans are blaming other people, governments, and religions for problems their own nation caused.

First, here is a history lesson on Afghanistan. From 1933 until 1973, Afghanistan was ruled under a man named Mohammed Zahir Shah. While he was a devout Muslim, he had a Western education in France. His reign marked four decades of peace and stability. With the introduction of a constitution Afghanistan progressively developed into a modern democratic state with free elections and a parliament, as well as a massive push for women’s rights, universal suffrage, education, worker’s rights, and civil rights. So yes, Afghanistan was doing well in the 60’s as this photo suggests. However, the photo doesn’t give you context for what went wrong.

During this period in time the Soviet Union had a strong influence in Afghanistan. They supported modernization and education in the Afghan state. The United States, not wanting to risk their hegemony in the region, clearly had a major problem with this. They were terrified of the spread of Communism and quickly developed a plan. Afghanistan would become the Cold War’s chessboard. In the late 80’s, the Saudis, Pakistanis, and the Americans brought in radical Islamists from around the world. They armed, trained, and directed them into a militant force, and they were called the mujahideen. They became the US’ main offense against the Soviets. It wasn’t to defend the Afghans against the Soviets who were ready to pull out, but to deliver as much harm against them imaginable. Carter wanted Afghanistan to be the Soviet’s “Vietnam”. And it was. When they finally retreated Afghanistan spun into chaos and a civil war ensued under the militant mujahideen warriors. Within this framework we saw the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and of course Osama bin Laden. All under the auspices of the United States security forces and American tax-payer monies. Clinton’s bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan was directly responsible for their rise. Oh, and then in what was most likely the greatest immoral injustice of the 21st century the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 only further driving the besieged nation further into turmoil.

What does this mean? The mujahideen, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda do not represent thousands of years of Afghan culture and Islam. They are a direct reaction to Western imperialism. The root cause for the disparity between the two pictures is foreign intervention. Not Islam, and certainly not Arabs.

Second, here is a history on Iran. Before 1953, Iran was ruled under a democratically elected man called Mohammad Mosaddegh. Under his reign Iran saw a progressive movement of social and political reforms. During this time Britain tried to establish an oil company (British Petroleum) on Iranian soil, and promised to share profit and technology with the Iranian government. However the British, as usual, didn’t honor their agreement. They, and the United States, began to steal Iran’s oil. Prime Minister Mosaddegh would not stand for this and demanded the seizure of the oil fields and the ouster of the British. In response, the British and the United States overthrew him in a coup and installed the Shah who was a brutal tyrant and ruled the nation under an absolute monarchy. The women in this picture did live well, but that was because they were members of a very small minority and in the Shah’s social circle. Everyone else in Iran lived under harsh conditions. The economy was failing, education was abysmal, and the entire nation was rural and very religious.

Today, Iran’s health care is better. They have more political freedom. Education is improving, and the country is slowly globalizing. The economy is slightly better off, however that is quickly changing with the Western world’s sanctions against Iran in midst of their nuclear propaganda campaign at the behest of Israel.

What does this mean? Essentially, the Islamic Revolution had little to do with the rise of an Islamic state; rather the resistance of Western imperialism. Almost every social and political group was united in resisting the Shah, from the communists to the secularists to the Islamists. They demanded Iranian sovereignty and political freedoms. Is the current regime in Iran perfect? Absolutely not, and I’m passionately against it. But this picture is extremely distortive of the truth.

Unfortunately, we have gone full circle. Today, the United States is supporting terrorist cells in Iran in an attempt to oust the current Iranian regime. They want to establish another pro-Western government like the Shah and “try again” where they failed. They have been doing this for decades and it hasn’t been working well. That is why we are now seeing media hysteria against Iran, and their false quest to achieve nuclear power and bomb Israel. Iran is a peaceful nation, and always has been. They have never attacked another nation, and have absolutely no intention of attacking Israel or anyone else for that matter. The United States’ war against Iran is rooted solely to seek revenge for their failed foreign policy in the 70’s and to once again take control of their natural resources.

In conclusion, if you think you can understand decades of history in the Middle East, or anywhere for that matter, by looking at a photograph you are a fucking idiot who has no right to engage in intellectual discussion or give your opinion on anything other than what you watched on TLC last night.


Iran reads survivalblog.com and starts prepping

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Just kidding, but Stratrisks via Pakistani outlet Nation reports that they just bought a whole bunch of wheat, which is unusual since they are normally a net exporter of wheat.

“In the most recent buys in the last two weeks they have been taking almost anything that is available,” another trader said. “They have been buying EU, Black Sea including Russian, Australian and other origins,” he added.

2007 invasion of Iran was narrowly thwarted!

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says Gordon Duff in this thought-provoking article about Gwyneth Todd, a Middle East advisor to the Navy, stopping a planned false-flag operation as a final hurrah for the Bush administration’s PNAC agenda to invade and occupy the entire Middle East.

Military command of this invasion, to be done without consultation of congress or the United Nations was left to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff and Admiral Will J. Fallon, both career opportunists with extremist political views, willing to do anything for promotion and the curry favor from the powerful criminal figures in US government.

Their “cover story” was to sale a frigate up the Shatt al Arab, a disputed waterway between Iraq and Iran, hoping to stimulate a “response” from Iran.

Their real plan was to create the response themselves, as was done by the Navy during the Tonkin Gulf Incident in 1964 when America “invented” an attack by North Vietnam as a prelude to a 10 year war America eventually lost.

Their plans were to create phony radio traffic simulating an Iranian attack in order to push America into authorizing hostilities that they, themselves, had perpetrated in as part of a conspiracy.

Sounds familiar…

There’s a Washington Post article referenced by the Duff one that goes into more detail and you have to stick with it until page 4 to really get the good stuff, which is why I guess Duff wrote this piece up. I love how it’s in the “Lifestyle” section which, from what I remember from reading the WaPo print version, is filled with restaurant reviews, contemporary art exhibitions and the like. Cowards.

Well, if this is all true, thank God for Gwenythe Todd and what she did. No wonder everyone was barking about the imminent invasion of Iran about that time. And have been since 2006, as far as I remember.

Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, let’s all put our differences aside just once and PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS.

Update: found 3 videos of recorded interviews:

Israel walks out of Ahmadinejad speech but all US envoys stay

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Rivero’s on fire. Predictably, the Megaphone IDF keyboard brigade is going apeshit trying to run cover. I’m pasting Rivero’s commentary in full because there’s so much traffic on WRH and I think this really needs to have light shed on it.

Major embarrassment for Netanyahu!

Update: The comments on the source article are loaded up with “Megaphony” comments bashing the US, bashing Iran, and pushing the Israeli agenda.

Netanyahu plays chess!

The fact that nobody walked out on Ahmadinejad has sent a clear message to Netanyahu that the days when Israel could demand other nations send their children to war with Israel’s enemies are numbered. Netanyahu has played gambit after gambit after gambit and finds himself checkmated. Nuclear threat didn’t play after the Iraq debacle. Red lines did not work. Tinkering with the US election did not work. AIPAC did not work.

Netanyahu must be feeling checkmated right about now, leaving his only remaining play as “knee to corner of board”, i.e. a false-flag attack. Except of course, that is what everyone is expecting Netanyahu to be considering right now, which means it is a risky gambit not likely to reverse Israel’s situation.

Netanyahu must be throwing a tantrum right about now, He grew up politically in a climate where whatever Israel wanted, Israel got; money, American kids to throw onto the bayonets of Israel’s enemies, etc. Netanyahu is not a man used to dealing with failure. In many ways he is a spoiled child, spoiled by decades of US acquiescence to Israel’s will and because of the US, other nations also bowed to Tel Aviv. The US envoys have sent a very clear diplomatic message to the rest of the UN that they no longer back Israel’s demands for more war.

A rational man would topple his King and admit defeat, but Netanyahu may not be rational. He may stage a false-flag. He may just go ahead and attack Iran’s power station. He may, out of pure spite, blow the whistle on who really did 9-11, confident that the revelations will harm the US Government more than it will harm Israel. Such deceptions are, after all, what Israel is famous for. It’s expected!

But one thing is certain, Bibi will probably in one form or another hit the panic button to get his war with Iran before Israel’s October elections.

70% of Americans oppose attacking Iran

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That’s it?

The next logical step is to decrease that number by instituting a false-flag. You know, by fomenting “Muslim” violence against Americans in the Middle East. Before Pearl Harbor, American opinion was almost unanimously against intervening against Germany. Before the Lusitania, American opinion was almost unanimously against intervening against Germany.

Not this time.

Update: Planet of the Arabs! Note: The Persians aren’t Arabs and Arabic isn’t their native language. I’m willing to bet a lot of money that 70% of Americans don’t know that.

Attack on Iran: September 29th, 2012?

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Putting aside the reality that the Zionist coalition has been actively at “warm” war with Iran and Syria for the last several years, after learning today that Canada closed its Iranian embassy and with Stratfor reporting that a 3rd aircraft carrier is being prematurely ordered back to the Persian Gulf, it’s looking like the Iran hot war is about to get going. Consider that the global economy is sputtering and spinning, with gold hitting 7-month highs and the American public increasingly frustrated and desperate, and we finally have the formula for a false-flag attack followed by a grossly illegal, immoral, unethical and plain insane preemptive “response”. God help us.

It’s so sad to see such pleasant, polite, considerate, intelligent, cultured and peaceful people such as the Canadians be so easily hoodwinked by the international bankster Zionist cabal and their Canadian puppets in the Harper administration.

Update: Alexander Higgins blogs about a military report stating the obvious, that the Iran strike force will need to be bigger than the Afghanistan and Iraq operations combined. Der. It will need to be a LOT bigger. The only reason Iraq was able to stave off the waves of Iranians coming into Iraq during their war in the 1980s was the chemical weapons the US and I think Germany and France sold them. Saddam had a rather impressive army at the time, too. The Persians, in contrast with the cultural polyglot that is Iraq, are unified on cultural and religious grounds. Plus, they will be defending their country which has been around for 1000s of years. US forces will need a MINIMUM of 3:1 superiority and ideally 10:1.

Graphics credit: Mike Rivero

Update 26 Sep 2012: video of AIPAC lobbyist Patrick Clawson discussing various false flag options

Update 30 Sep 2012: Rejoice! This did not happen! Hopefully it NEVER will!