Romney, Mormons and the Mexican drug cartels

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This is a ballsy, fun but deadly serious documentary by Vice going inside the Mormon colony in Northern Mexico that Mitt Romney and his parents came from, Colonia Juarez. The war between the Mormons and local drug cartels is covered in detail and the connections between absurd drug prohibition, gun control and ultraviolent crime and the corruption and societal discord it causes are highlighted extensively. 40 minutes.


Is Mitt Romney fit to be President of these united States?

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I try to catch Joyce Riley’s Power Hour in the morning as often as I can. I just get such a good vibe off of her. On yesterday’s show, displaying her intrepid tendency to take on controversial topics politely and objectively in a sort of soccer mom/sweet nurse fashion, brought author Trish Erickson on to talk about her book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?”

Needless to say, all the Mormon moonbats came out of the woodwork to defend their brainwashing. Now, my experience with Mormons is about the same as Joyce’s: all very very nice people, genuinely pious and good. But like with other Masonic organizations, they don’t know about the inner workings of their temples and the inner elite that run it, nor about the more esoteric, hermetic meanings of their hidden doctrines.

More background here.

Update: Somehow I skipped over this but… Why on earth did The Mormons posthumously baptize Obama’s mama?