Aaron Swartz, co-founder of reddit, found dead! :-(

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Sky news is reporting that 26-year old Aaron Swartz, who founded software company Infogami which eventually merged with reddit, was found dead of an apparent suicide.

What makes this very suspicious is that Swartz was in an on-going legal case involving the cracking of MIT’s document store JSTOR and was accused of stealing millions of documents from there. Also, he was an avid civil liberties advocate. Probably facing years in prison was too much for Swartz.

Regardless of that, it’s sad to see Swartz go. RIP. Also, . .

A great blog entry of Swartz’s (I’m glad to see someone else didn’t drink the Bay area kool-aid and hated it as well)
Lots and lots of expected reddit commentary


Summary of Gary Johnson’s reddit AMA


If you’re not familiar with reddit, it’s a … come to think of it, a description eludes me. It’s a social site where you can link URLs and discuss them, but there’s a lot more to it.

Anyway a feature that organically came out of it is “IamA AMA” which is a shortened version of “I am a …, ask me anything” e.g. “I am a fisherman that uses trot lines, ask me anything”.

Lots of “celebrities” have been AMA’d. Gary Johnson already did one last year as a Republican candidate and did one yesterday as a Libertarian. Here’s a summary of that. The AMA itself with all the various comments and responses can be bewildering to navigate and comprehend.