Back in college I read some of John C. Lilly’s work since I was fascinated by his objective and rational approach to, like, everything. If I recall correctly, he was the first to isolate the safe range of electrical current that could be used in the human brain. He is most noted, I think, for his neurobiological work with dolphins and his psychological work with isolation tanks. This guy would take LSD and sit in an isolation tank, then take notes on his observations afterwards.

Well, naturally some apparent moonbattery will result from engaging in such behavior and I distinctly remember this sort of prophetic vision he had in the isolation tank. Mind you, if you see this guy’s resume you’d never think he’d have done this kind of thing.

I thought of this while re-watching the Sons of Liberty Academy modules being uploaded to youtube, specifically the part about Stefan Molyneaux’s video about the human fear of their own technology taking over them as evidenced in The Terminator and The Matrix movies. I haven’t watched the video yet but will be shortly but these days I’m getting ideas to write about far faster than I can write about them so I wanted to at least get a skinny version down of this.

Back to the Lilly SSI (Solid-State Intelligence) – he got a glimpse of a future where machines become sentient then take over the planet, get rid of life as we know it after enslaving us for a period of time then understand physics so well that they loosen Earth itself from its orbit so it can join other solid-state (solid-state as in not water-based, biological life forms like we are) entities in the universe.

Well, dang. Keep in mind this was wayyy before the Borg of the Star Trek: Next Generation series.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?